C&M 21st Century, Inc.

Specialist in Residential and Commericial recovery & Property Preservation since 1990's.
Providing service in the state of Georgia

Work Samples

Debris Removal: Trash Out: Upon request, will provide an inventory of all personal belongings left at property, clean-up trash, remove debris, and tow away abandoned vehicles to ensure property is ready for sale. Required documentation, before and after photos are uploaded to client. We provide these services for residential and commercial/multifamily properties.

Lawn Care Services: Initial and bi-monthly lawn and yard care services are available. Removal of leaves from gutters, tree trimming and tree removal is also a service that we provide for our clients. Ongoing mowing, removal of clippings, and trimming of shrubbery can be provided to ensure no county codes are violated for over grown lawns.

Winterization / Plumbing: Based on the HUD, VA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mae preservation guidelines, our field service team can provide winterization services based on the vendor specifications. Our team is experience in providing wet or dry heat winterizations according to local code.

Boarding/Securing: In high crime areas where vandalism is a problem, broken windows are repaired and or doors and windows can be boarded up based on client and investor specification, local ordinances and client guidelines.

Cleaning Services: Our field service crew will provide cleaning services. leaving floors broom clean, carpets vacuumed, floors mopped and all sinks, toilets and bathtubs cleaned. We provide these services for residential or commercial/multifamily properties.

Repair & Remodeling: Estimates for major renovations or minor repairs can be provided upon request. Atlanta Property Preservation Partners can install or replace missing appliances, service HVAC/Furnace, clean or replace carpet, paint, repair or replace drywall.

ReKey/ Lockboxes: We will re-key the front entry door or every door based on your request and the investor guidelines. A lockbox with the requested combination code will be installed on the front or rear entry door. Padlocks are placed on all exterior gates and garage doors are secured.

Evictions/LockOuts: Assist the local sheriff with the removal of personal property in accordance with local laws based on the client's and eviction attorney’s written instructions.


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Additional Services

Lock Change, Winterizations, Debris Removal, Home Repairs, Windows, Doors, Sheetrock, Roof, Lawn Services and Landscaping.